Types of Membership

To meet the needs of different organisations, IFIP offers a number of levels of membership:

Country Representative Members

The category of Country Representative Member is open to one national ICT society with professional individuals as its main membership base or one group (association or federation) of such societies.

This organisation or group should:

  • be not-for-profit;
  • cover all or most of the ICT discipline; and
  • be representative of that country's scientific and professional ICT communities.
If no national general ICT society or group of such societies exists or if the dominant society or group does not wish to become a Country Representative Member, another national society or group of societies can apply for this category. However, this body or bodies must be:
  • focused on either scientific or non-scientific activities in the ICT discipline;
  • be not-for-profit; and
  • be representative of the scientific or professional ICT communities for that country.

If none of the abovementioned societies or groups of societies exist in a country, then an Academy of Sciences, university or government body can be considered as a Country Representative Member under certain conditions as elaborated in the bylaws.

Members at Large

While only one body or federation can represent a country, IFIP provides scope for broader representation and engagement through the Members at Large category.

This is open to any national general ICT society or federation of societies with professional individuals as its main membership base which meets the following conditions:

  • not-for-profit;
  • cover most or all of the ICT discipline; and
  • represent a fair part of the scientific and professional ICT communities in the country.

Members at Large can be focused on either scientific or non-scientific activities and can be either national or international professional bodies, so long as they are appropriately representative of their respective communities.

Associate Members

Scientific societies, government bodies, companies and other organisations with a professional interest in Information and Communication Technology can apply to be considered for Associate Membership provided that they would not qualify for admission as Country Representative Members or Members at Large. Note that Associate Membership is not usually considered appropriate for Universities. A separate category of membership intended for academic institutions is currently under discussion.